Three things.. 1) We are a Magento Professional partner with over 8 years experience in building, supporting and hosting Magento websites, we have figured out what really makes a difference to our customers success. Fast and reliable hosting is up there, and its taken us a while to come up with the ultimate solution. 2) We have the fastest storage backend on the market, our storage is up to 5 x faster than regular SSD and 16 x faster than AWS, Magento loves this. 3) Our solution is easily and quickly scalable with no nasty jumps in price as you switch packages or plans.

We’ll look after all server side software and security updates. Any major O/S updates we will run past you first. We also monitor core server resources 24/7 including CPU, RAM, Storage and Load.

We provide 3 main channels of communication for 24/7 support, call us on  0800 009 6107, email or through our support portal.

Anything to do with the Magento Core, typically performance tuning debugging and consultancy. Access to our Magento Expert Panel is limited by your plan level.

We guarantee 100% virtual server and network availability, any non scheduled outage of over 5 mins results in compensation. Please see our terms of service for the full detail.

We offer a transfer option at the point of order, currently priced at a fixed £495 + VAT. We will manage the whole process for you, but will need access to be able to do so.  We will send you a secure access and transfer questionnaire for you to complete after your order is placed. Transfer will result in some service disruption but we will work with you to find an appropriate window to minimise disruption.

Yes that’s what we are all about, in most instances we see big speed gains just moving onto our platform along with making some configuration changes, but sometimes we will come across code level issues that need addressing, in this instance we will provide a quote to do this work for you or help advise your developer. Varnish comes preconfigured on our servers, but if your site is not set up to use it, again we will provide a quote for us to complete this work.

Yes, we have developed the perfect hosting environment for M2, with varnish and php7 preconfigured.


All of our customers that have moved their site over to us to date have measured a noticeable increase in speed. We have setup demo Magento community and enterprise websites running on our BONES 1 solution so you can see for yourself.  For links to the demo sites click here.

XtremeIO is a next generation storage medium, its flash based storage which is as reliable as SSD but much faster (up to 5x). Any non-cache based content is generally served from storage, so being able to offer a much faster read / write process greatly improves the speed of these elements. Magento can be quite I/O intensive so this extra speed really helps make Magento fly.

All servers receive 500Mbit/s connections in and out to the public internet. For the private network, customers receive a 1Gbit/s connection. The public internet connection can be increased to 1Gbit/s for a small additional hourly charge.

All CPUs are clocked at at least 3Ghz.


We use industry leading R1 backups, which backs up at the block level instead of file level allows for replications to be made with minimal impact to the host system. Gone are the days of off-peak backups and system interruptions. We backup all files on the server, and the agent interfaces directly with your database server to ensure all data is flushed to disk, no more partial backups or data lost in memory. Backups are run every hour, we retain 24 and then snapshot daily with a 7 day retention. Requests for file or DB restores should be made through our support portal.

We maintain a philosophy of at least N+1 in our infrastructure. This means that at all levels all the critical hardware can be found in at least pairs. In the data centre we have multiple transit connections, multiple sources of electricity, multiple routers and so forth. This approach goes down through the stack to the storage backends as well. All customer data can be found in two separate storage backends for added redundancy. This means that if a physical disk breaks down, a failover procedure will transform the load to the redundant storage backend and no downtime will occur for the services.

We will provide you with full SSH level access to your server.

Yes, we can replicate your live environment configuration for staging purposes, additional staging servers are available from £29 + VAT per month.

Pricing and Billing

Yes, not only can you switch between plans at any point, you can also freely scale up to 20 CPU / 128 GB RAM from any plan.  For freely scaling costs please click here.

We accept payment by credit / debit card or direct debit. Services are charged for in advance for a period of 1 month. Most of our services have a 14 day free trial, you card is only charged on expiry of your free trial, if you cancel before then you pay nothing.

You can cancel at any point by terminating your subscription in your account area. Servers will be kept online until your subscription period expires. In the case of cancelation of a free trial your server will be terminated immediately.

We offer a free trial on some of our base plans, you will be required to enter your credit card information on placing an order. You card will not be charged until your free trial expires. If you wish to terminate during the free trial period, simply log into your account area and cancel your subscription and pay nothing. We limit 1 free trial per customer per 6 month period.