Super Fast

Build from the ground up for Magento

Over the past 8 years of building, supporting and hosting Magento websites, we have figured out what really makes a difference to our customers success. Fast and reliable hosting is up there, and its taken us a while to come up with the ultimate solution. Our MageOptimised stack brings the latest technologies together, and joined with our supercharged storage makes Magento fly.

Unparalleled I/O Performance

How do you serve Magento non-cached content fast? Improve on your storage I/O capabilities. SSDs are fast, but not fast enough for us, we are one of only a handful of cloud providers that use XtremeIO storage, proven to be up to 5x faster than SSD and 16x faster than Amazon AWS. Magento loves this…


Fully Scalable

  • Increase or reduce resources as and when you need them
  • Switch between base plans or switch to our freestyle plan within minutes
  • Add up to 20 CPU’s and 128 GB of RAM per server
  • For multi-server solutions please contact us

Magento Certified

Access to our Magento certified team

Not every issue can be resolved by a system administrator, having in depth knowledge of Magento helps us to solve issues quickly and our experts in Magento optimisation will make your store fast.

We’re not your regular hosting provider

We are a Magento Solutions Partner that offers quality and super fast Magento hosting, with a team of 21 staff and 8 Magento certifications we know Magento inside out. Most of the issues encoutered with site stability or speed is normally around the application or poor server configuration, we have a wealth of experience in resolving these issues and we’re qualified to make a difference.

Extreme Stability

Hardware redundancy

Great support is one thing but we believe nothing beats an automated error correcting stack. Coupled with N+1 hardware redundancy adding an extra layer of protection.  Server resources can be easily replaced, but keeping your data safe is critically important,  this is why we store it in two separate storage backends at all times.

Resource monitoring & alerting

We offer a fully managed service with all of our Merchant plans,  including automated monitoring of your server resources. CPU, RAM, apdex, load and storage usage are given acceptable working thresholds and if breached our team springs into action. All Merchant plans include New Relic monitoring as standard.

Managed 24/7

24/7 support

We provide 24/7 support with all of our plans, you can reach us by email, through our support portal or by phone 24/7. All issues however reported are logged in our support portal for traceability and continuity.

Server management

Complementing our Magento and server support we provide a pro-active server management program (Merchant plans only), ensuring any server side patches and software updates have been applied, along with regular auditing of security configurations and firewall.

Our Management Service

  • New Relic Resource Monitoring
  • Software Updates & Installation
  • OS Updates & Installation
  • SSL Updates
  • Security Audits
  • Firewall Audits
  • Components Upgrades
  • Backup Management (selected plans)

100% SLA & Hourly Backups


We guarantee 100% virtual server and network availability within our SLA.  For all unscheduled interruptions in the provision of the services, which are due to hardware or telecommunications failures that last longer than 5 minutes, we will offer compensation to the customer. View our full SLA in our terms of service.

Off-site hourly backups

In ecommerce daily backups are just not enough, how would you feel if you lost a whole day’s worth of transactional data? That’s why we offer hourly off-site incremental backups (with a 7 day retention) on our Merchant plans as standard using the industry leading R1 service.

14 Day Free Trial

14 day free trial

We are so convinced you’ll love MageOptimised we offer a 14 day free trial on all of our Base and Bones plans. When you sign up you don’t pay anything for the first 14 days, if you are not convinced then just cancel your subscription in your account area before the 14 days expire and pay nothing.

No long contracts

We recognise we are only as good as the last support query we solved, so to keep us on our toes we don’t tie you in to lengthy contracts, in fact all our plans have a 1 month minimum contract.